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How to Write an Argumentative Essay: Choosing an Opposite Topic

You may be a good and experienced Canadian essay writer but choosing a topic almost always is a big deal. There are numerous issues you may investigate, and it seem to be the ground for multiple ideas; indeed actually it makes the process complicated. So many questions have been already explored by somebody other, but we strive to be creative. Another piece of issues are too cliché or not good enough when you need essay help. So, where you should look for the inspiration and what should be count in this process?

The topic should be debatable

It is the first thing you have to consider since the argumentative essay aimed at presenting and proving your personal stand on the chosen issue in the light of well-known facts and evidence.  You will fail to write an outstanding argumentative essay on something that is generally accepted or refuted by society.  Because of this, you should pay attention to those areas causing a lot of opposite thoughts and suggestions.  Do not be afraid to choose the topic which has the points countering with your own.
Below you can find the list of areas which are always at the center of social attention and, thus, everlasting discussions.


Laws call a lot of disputes since no one of them can satisfy the need and desires of all the social groups. That is why in this sphere you can succeed in choosing a bright and urgent topic for your argumentative essay. One can say that the profound knowledge of jurisprudence is needed to discuss legislative issues. Indeed, it not totally true. Laws in their majority concern to the social life and you always have a chance to focus on something is important for you personally or your closest surroundings.  Look through few examples:

Values and Morality of Argumentative Essay Writing

Any issue in the worlds has huge numbers of moral hues, especially when it is said about universal or group values. This area is the source for a countless number of ideas. How many times one writes about family values or cultural diversity you have small chances to repeat those writers since you perceive the reality in the other way. Individual perception is the core moment in writing about moral issues. Examples:

  1. Is testing on animals moral?
  2. Euthanasia: trying on the doctor the role of God or saving from suffering?
  3. Separate schools for different cultures: discrimination or preserving ethnic purity?


At the times of implementing extensive kinds of production, the issue of exhausting natural sources and environmental pollution become the object of big attention.  Moreover, it is hotly debated since ecologists are beating on the sound when enterprises try to refute their warnings promoting new products. The crossroad of interests is an ideal point for the argumentative essay. Just look:

  1. Is your daily cup of coffee the reason for deforestation?
  2. Do we really need so huge number of things the industry produce?
  3. Who says the truth: ecologists or entrepreneurs?


Today people are strongly depended on social media. By means of them, they used to solve the smallest issue starting from adopting solution about purchasing any product, choosing travel destination for their vacation and ending with looking for assistance in solving the private issues such as family or individual crisis. Considering this, you can investigate any of the issues are presented in media and verify it on morality, relevance or any other point you are familiar with. For example:

  1. Psychological advice online: pros and cons?
  2. Responsibility for irrelevant information: what it should be?
  3. Internet: the ample of opportunities or the biggest threat to the education process?

We will be happy if a few of the mentioned ideas you can use for your argumentative essay. Indeed, we hope you have already created your own one when reading our recommendations.

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