ARRI lighting in Dubai is the latest addition to ARRI’s extensive lighting system, which is designed to provide accurate color definition and a broad color spectrum. ARRI’s Spectra six-color light engine was created with this in mind. The system contains six individual LEDs with a wide color range and precise definition. This versatile system is ideal for various photographic applications, from portraits to corporate events. You can find tips and tricks to use Arri lighting perfectly in your photography.

Using natural light as a backlight:

If you’re looking to increase the natural light in your shots, you may want to try using the sun as your backlight. The sun is the most intense light on the earth, and placing your subject in front of it will reflect it right back onto their face. The sun’s light will even double as your key light! Window light will also help you create separation between your subject and background. You can use this light to create some of the most striking effects on your subject.

Using arri lighting:

ARRI is a name that has been synonymous with image capture and film production for decades. The company continues to wow the industry with its innovative lighting systems, including the new Orbiter, the successor to the ARRI SkyPanel. This new LED fixture boasts state-of-the-art electronics, allowing it to perform tasks that other lighting units can’t match. The new Orbiter offers the perfect lighting solution for various production scenarios.

Using SkyPanel:

If you’re looking for a way to utilize arri lighting in your next production perfectly, the SkyPanel is the way to go. Its new Firmware 3.0 can fine-tune color tuning and intensity. This means you can recreate any light source with ease, even if you haven’t been able to get your hands on a manual meter.

Spotting overexposure:

Spotting overexposure with arri lighting is possible with various lighting systems. These include front projecting light (sunlight) and semi-transparent mirrors. The latter provides the overexposure you are looking for. The former can be used with post-production techniques like rotoscoping to make the only man in the frame glow. Using after effects, you can do this frame-by-frame.

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