Myths about payment gateways

Myths about payment gateways

It is always scary to trust someone with your customer’s money especially when it is an online platform where people themselves manage to trust it with great difficulty. Then there are security issues about whether the transaction is as safe as it may sound to you which lead to several myths circulating online payment gateway in UAE. Well no more as we are here to debunk them and show you the right picture:

  • Payment gateway are scammers

This is extremely wrong as not all payment gateway providers in Dubai are there to scam you but some of them are genuine. The right way to judge a payment gateway provider is through their terms of services. The one who is right will have complete clear terms with each and every point explained in detail instead of beating around the bush and showing only one side of it. Moreover, they will also never bind you in an unnecessary contract and inform you about all the charges before hand so that you can make a calculated decision.

  • The more popular the gateway is the more trustworthy it would be

Well guess what, the most known is not always the best option. There are several amazingly established platforms all over the internet which are marketed online through blogs and social media kind of tools but they are not always the best option which one should be considering. Some lesser known payment gateways are often more trustworthy because they are committed to their work and want to earn a place for themselves in the market which is their motivation to be the best in their job. If you really want to work through payment gateway then consider these lesser known ones as they will surely surprise you.

  • Processing charges are going to be high

This is true for the international payments. As discussed in the limitations you will have to be very careful and aware of the processing fee because even if most of them have the same fee for domestic transactions and international transactions but some of them would charge you extra. It is good to be aware of the payments beforehand instead of trusting the rumours.

Do your research before accepting the rumours because they can often be wrong and even if they are true then there could be the half truth hidden behind.

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