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Persuasive Essay – the Art of Convincing

Across the curriculum, students face the need to write the numerous kinds of essays. They can write an essay or get help by the best essay writing service for Canadian students. The persuasive paper is one of the most enjoyable and challenging at the same time. If you will manage to grasp the fundamental principles we propose you, this piece of homework becomes one of your favorite.
Let’s start with the essence of the notion. The object of the persuasive essay is always a controversial issue that is related to the multiple, often opposite points of view. Thus, the aim of such paper is to persuade the audience of the relevance of your stand on the question at issue.

Preparatory stage

student trying to write persuasive essay
This task is a rather close to oral debates when you should present your stand and then defend it refuting other positions with convincing argumentations. Because of this, your first preparatory step can be the discussion of the topic with your friends or family. Speaking frees the flow of thoughts. It helps to refine the chosen stance and rightly incorporate it into the strong thesis statement. Besides, the discussion gives you objective feedback or counterarguments. No matter how obstinately you work, you can never predict all the variants of objections which are extremely necessary here. You will be surprised which valuable counter arguments you will hear from your interlocutors.

The persuasive essay topics

It may seem strange that this step goes next preparatory stage but only after verifying your stance you can create a well-directed topic. As a rule, you are given the question to think about, and it is not a topic regardless of extensive exploitation it for this purpose. The topic should primarily reflect your vision. For example, you have to investigate whether using deodorant daily harm an atmosphere. You can choose the following titles:

“Between the daily habits and the global environmental challenge” – It is clear you are going to present the stance in favor of environmental protection.

“The ways of manipulation by environmental awareness to destroy our daily comfort” – The topic presents the same issue, but the contrary perspective.

It is better than just repeating the question at issue, isn’t it?

Persuasive essay structure

Like other academic essays online, the persuasive paper has the structure requiring an introduction, body paragraph and conclusion. Indeed, there are some details. Traditionally, your first paragraph (the introduction) should end with a defined thesis statement. In the persuasive essay, it is the position you are going to prove in the further context.

Your body paragraph should include a few parts:

Part 1. Arguments for your stance.

Part 2. Possible counterargument 1 alongside with data refuting it.

Part 3. Possible counterargument 2 alongside with data refuting it.

You can incorporate from 2 to 3 opposite positions depending on the needed paper’s length.

Note, these parts should not be separated one from the other but linked with logical transitions.

Avoid merely summarizing in conclusion. It should readdress your thesis in the light of provided evidence.

Persuasive tools

The evidence is the central element of the persuasive essay. You have to provide substantial argumentative support proving your position and refuting counterarguments. It can be:

Statistical data: the results of different surveys underlining your rightness or the counterarguments’ weakness.

Authoritative thoughts: quotes of the experts in the needed area.

Practical examples: addressing to the existing experience for supporting your thesis or undermining the counterarguments.

Be ethical and avoid manipulating with data missing those facts which can refute your thesis significantly. Persuasive essay aimed at teaching you to defend your position in an honest way, not cheating! Be sure, skills of writing the persuasive essay is the ground for your further professional success.


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